2017 Fair Parade Info & Rules
Fair Parade Information
An entry fee of $10 cash is due by Friday, July 14, 2017.  The
following organizations are exempt: Veterans, Emergency (police,
fire, ambulance), and Schools.  $10 cash can be sent to LuAlice
Kampwerth, State Rt. 127, Carlyle, Illinois 62231.

1.  Starting time 6 pm on Monday.
2.  There will be no alcohol permitted prior to or during the parade.
3.  Line up will start at 8th & Fairfax.
4.  Candy and other items will be passed out not thrown.
5.  No semi-trucks or semi-truck trailers allowed.
6.  No dual wheel tractors.  
7.  Only one person on tractor at a time.
8.  Only two entries per organization/group.  
9.  No stopping of parade without permission of parade chairman.
10.  One rescue unit from each department.
11.  No selling of tickets or anything else during the parade by any
individual or group.
12. Placement of entry in the parade may not be altered without permission
of parade chairman.
13.  You will
NOT receive a return email or phone call, the lineup will be
posted on this website by 5pm on Saturday, July 15, 2017.   
Theme: "50 Years of Carlyle Lake"