Exhibitor Building

Building will be open only to exhibitors to set-up exhibit
Sunday, July 16        10am – 5pm      
Monday, July 17        10am – 5pm   

Open to the public from 5:30 – 10 pm   
Monday, July 17                          
Tuesday, July 18                       
Wednesday, July 19                     
Thursday, July 20                    
Friday, July 21                
Saturday, July 21 (Please tear down exhibit and remove at end of the evening)

Spaces are available in the three different sizes.
Size                  Cost
25’ x 15’        $100.00
39’ x 15'        $150.00
50’ x 15’        $200.00

You must furnish your own tables, chairs, extension cords, etc.  There will not be partitions to separate booths down the center of the
building.  You will receive two exhibitor passes, used to gain entry onto the grounds without paying.  Additional passes may be purchased
in the fair office.  If you wish to attend the fair, please complete an Exhibitor’s Lease and mail it along with payment.  Checks are payable to
the Clinton County Fair Association.  You will receive confirmation in the mail.  Click here copy of the
Exhibitor’s Lease.  

The Clinton County Fair Association Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse or terminate any lease.

Contact person:
Kris Lowe
cell 618-660-5708